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OK.. i was reading an article... and this was the third time i have herd this.....?

ok... so ... it said. " he laughs best who laughs last".... and its driving me nuts... i wuz wundering wat yall think it means..

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    It's simple. The person having the last laugh has *the last laugh*. No one else laughs afterwards, so the last one to laugh is laughing at all others before him (her).

    Imagine sitting in a coffeshop listening to a group of people making fun of Britney Spears (or whomever). They say **** about her, laugh about her, then leave.

    You sit there grinning and chuckle to yourself. Yeah, they're poking fun at a public figure, but the joke's on them because Britney's not sitting around talking about them or making fun of them, or caring what they think.... so you laugh....last....and laugh best.

    god is a comedian with an audience too afraid to laugh - unknown

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    its whoever gets the last word (usually in an argument) laughs better, they can say they won. also for instance at high school reunions, when all the people that used to make fun of the "nerd" now feel kind of bad for makinf fun of him because now he's a multimillionaire. and the "nerd" gets the last laugh. he or she gets to say hahaha i made it

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    I heard that whoever laughs last laughs best..... it's actually true... I'm still laughing at her...

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