i need a book idea?

I've always wanted to write a book. But I become blank whenever I try to come up with an idea. Can anyone help me with this? Please &thank you.


come on peoples

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    Do you realize what all is involved in writing a book? First, coming up with your own stories. In fact, a true writer is driven and compelled to write and not for profit, just for sheer pleasure, just as an artist is compelled to paint.

    Just as a previous answerer said, coming up with the ideas is just a small part of the process. Then there's the whole structuring of the story, plotting, characterization, voice, putting it all together.

    If you can't come up with your own stories, you should consider another hobby. Or, as another person suggested, do journaling, which could one day lead to writing your memoirs.

    Good luck.

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    You have things backwards. The idea is about 10% of the book. Proper spelling and grammar are a given, as is a knowledge on how to write fiction. Some rules:

    Very few passive verbs like be, was is.

    Very few adverbs which are words that usually end in ly like quickly.

    A proper mixture of action, narration, and dialogue.

    The first paragraph if not the first sentance needs to grap the reader.

    Use all five senses throughout your novel.

    I could go on, you need to get at least a dozen books on how to write books.

    I am writing a book now and have at least two simmering in the back of my mind. I'll give you a couple ideas I have for short stories that you may want to expand upon for a novel:

    A huge valley inhabited by people that know magic. They use magic to produce food and make clothes etc. Untold generations ago they were persecuted by the primative "regulars" that couldn't perform magic and avoided them. As the generations rolled by, they started running out of the various ingredients needed for various potions so their society is in decline. Whenever a person is born unable to perform magic they are shunned and must leave. It happened to a boy and he left the valley. As he walked he found a modern highway and was picked up by a modern car. The "regulars" had advanced normally in technology and had a far better life than that of the magical people.

    How about a planet that each time the Earth sends a ship there it disappears? A final ship is sent before an invasion fleet. It is manned by the captain that enjoys leading, a lady's man, a woman that hates taking orders etc. After landing they debark one at a time but never return. The lady's man leaves first and learns the planet is inhabited entirely of women, him being the only man. The woman finds the planet is ruled by a dictatorship and joins a loosly knit rebellion and raises havoc for the government. The captain finds the world in disarray and needs a strong leader which he does. In the final scene you see the ship's members all strapped into a computer that simulates the ideal world for them as it did for the other people from Earth and all the world's original inhabitants.

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    Your first-rate guess is making use of a few one-of-a-kind Idea ways. Like whilst i cant believe of something. I jot down the very first thing that involves my brain after which see if I can paintings with something I arise with. If I cant then it more commonly manner i habe writers block and I simply wait till and idead involves me. (the smallest of matters can cause an notion, its simply depends upon how you're employed with it.) When writing a ebook you ought to believe of what time and settting you wish it to be in, what age organization your writing for, fiction non-fiction ect. and so much importantly the clash and clash selection (which now not all books always have a selection) If there's no clash then there particularly isn't any ebook except its a textual content ebook or whatever. anywhoooo simply attempt to discover whatever to get your inventive juices flowing, best you'll arise with an notion that nobody else has thinks of and best you realize what works for you. Just be certain its whatever YOU are particularly fascinated about in view that in case your now not interested within the plot and the whole thing then your gonna lose interest and waste a while. But looking to get strategies from different humans isnt particularly gonna reduce it. Writing a ebook takes alot of time and making plans, Its now not a peice of cake.

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    If you are looking for an idea for fiction, read all the advice columns you can find. Ask yourself, who are these people? How did they reach this conflict? Where will they go from here?

    Or listen to music from the '50s, '60s, and '70s with the same questions.

    Then sit down and write in-depth profiles of all the characters. That means age, sex, marital status, and occupation. It also means likes and dislikes, family, what they had for breakfast, where they live, personal quirks, and anything else you can think of.

    Now you're ready to start outlining the book. Then go ahead and write.

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    I think you need to question your desire to become a writer. If you have no ideas, you arent one. Just like you couldnt be a singer if you couldnt carry a tune. Or a racecar driver if you were blind. You are asking basically for someone to MAKE you a writer and that cannot be done. If it isnt in your heart, it cant happen. If someone gave you a book idea, you would be taking someone's creative property. No, not helping - if you cant come up with your own idea, you cant write. Pax - C.

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    Sure. Ideas aren't that hard to come by - they're around every corner. A snippet of some conversation you overhead, an interesting billboard, whatever. Listen to different kinds of music, look at paintings (not boring "I'm elitist and I know history" paintings, but awesome art you can find online, on sites like deviantArt and CGsociety). Look for things that inspire you. Think of what sort of a story it'd be really cool to read, and then... Write it!

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    What I do, as a person who enjoys writing stories, is think about the characters, what you want them to be like. I usually start with, boy or girl? or 1st or 3rd person? or what will it be about?(in a very general sense: A girl who lives in New York and loves nature or A girl who lives in New York and has no friends) Also, its ok to have a really pathetic start like Once there was a girl named Jen who lived in New York. because you can ALWAYS edit it! Sometimes I write according to how I feel; if its summer and I'm laying by the pool, I might do "Jen sipped her lemonade as she sat by the pool." and just go from there, its like sketching abstract art; do whatever you want. As for names, either you pick a name you think fits the character or you pick one that doesn't fit. I like picking names that don't fit, because the character tends to grow into them-that is fantastic! Sometimes its just easier to start with a character instead of an idea.

    Tip: You don't always have to do a draft;sometimes your work turns out better if you don't!

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    No! Someone else giving you an idea is stealing what could be THEIR book! I hate questions like this!

    Start writing in a diary. Look back in it at different events. Think, if I did this, what could've changed? You'll have an amazing sotry in no time.

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