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can a web developer be called a software engineer? what are the responsibilities?

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    Personally, I believe the operable terms here are "developer" and "engineer". I believe a developer is one who strictly does development of code - writing, testing, and maintaining. An engineer may or may not do development, but is involved in more than one phase/aspect of the project (any one of: requirements, architecture, design, development, testing, maintainence, etc.)

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    Well it depends on who you ask. Most people blur the lines as to what a 'Web Developer' does. Also there are different types of Web developers depending on what platform they develop on.

    I, personally, don't consider the two the same for the most part. Web Developers may use a plethora of tools when doing their work. Some of it might be considered software engineering but most of it isn't.

    Responsibilities? Hrmm... that's a big question :)

    were there certain questions you had in mind about one or the other? are you considering between the two?

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    Not really, a web developer builds and maintains web sites, a software engineer develops and maintains software programs.

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    yes offcourse, web develooper is not a webmaster or webdesigner. he/she builds web applications which are similar to desktop applications, so web developer can be software engineer or the other way around.

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    i think web developer is just a web developer, unless he/she is developing some online application. i would call someone like that a web programmer. i could be wrong tho.

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    Yes, if you use Java or Flash,

    Because If you use Java or Flash, you are making applets, which is another word for a little program, and programs are software.

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