A student in need of advice on how to make business cards...?

I am still a student studying to get my degree this year but I am interested in making myself business cards in order to market myself and network. Since I do not have a career title yet I was wondering what I should put on them? Any suggestions?

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    I am also a student and I definitely use business cards - in my field (law) it's just SUCH a good idea to have them. I put my name (of course), the name of my school, the degree I'm going for and the year I graduate (i.e. Candidate for Juris Doctor, Class of 2008). And of course, the contact info. That's all you really need, I think.

    For good - and cheap - business cards, I suggest using VistaPrint. There are some you can get for free (just have to pay S&H) that are pretty good (though they do have an ad for VistaPrint on the back) - and then there are some that are pretty great and you might have to pay up to 20 bucks + S&H for them. Check them out: http://www.vistaprint.com./

    Hope this is helpful!

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    I don't know about business cards. i am also a student looking for a job after graduation this year. I would suggest coming up with a "verbal" business card. this is basically a 'pitch' about yourself and what you are looking to do and what you can offer a company. This can be effective in networking. Then, you just have to exchange emails and take it from there.

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    Vista Print is a good place to get business cards. You got to make yourself valuable to people. What are your goals, what do you have to offer, I would suggest you create a website and offer people a solution.

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    Student with major (and extra interests and hobbies)

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