Can I use both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux on the same computer?

I recently ordered a copy of Ubuntu Linux and it's still with me though I haven't started using it. I am going to get a laptop pretty soon( right now I have a desktop with Windows XP) and wish to use both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux on the same Laptop...I am planning to get a 160 GB hard disk for the laptop and someone told me that it can be done by partitioning the hard disk into two parts one with XP , one with Ubuntu Linux. My question is that this guy who told me about the partitioning also told me that the computer becomes highly unstable and the chances to crash are more as compared to one OS on one computer if two operating systems are there on a single computer , is this true?

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    1 decade ago
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    No, multiple operating systems do not affect a computers stability, in fact it's the individual operating system itself that is either more stable or less stable.

    Partitioning is just dividing up the space hard drive (much like apartments) it doesn't affect a systems stability at all.

    I have dual booted Ubuntu with Windows to both installed primary & secondary hdd's and also to external hdd's, if you can install any OS then installing Ubuntu should be fairly easy. There are many tutorials online that will help you through this I will include a few links that I believe are the most helpful.

    Gparted (Partition editor that comes with Ubuntu)

    Ubuntu Dual Boot

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    First as a warning on the digital disk. I truly have attempted that, that is risky and would desire a heavy slowdown on your pc. truly the belief of two OS's on one pc would make it greater sturdy in a manner of speaking. we could say something is going incorrect on your domicile windows section. in simple terms leap into linux and decide a thank you to repair it. or you may bypass vice versa (even although domicile windows does require greater application to recuperate linux). the only component risky is the boot loader yet I truly have not had any worry with it and, if it truly does get tousled, the stay CD for ubuntu has fixes for the boot loader. i'm curently twin booting my pc and it in ordinary terms has approximately 20 GB. It has no longer failed as quickly as. in simple terms as a facet notice, repartioning is a sprint risky yet after that's finished, if each thing is unbroken each thing resumes stability. Basicly, you're secure. sturdy success.

  • Anonymous
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    False. Windows is unstable and insecure, but your LInux will not make it unstable. Check for a dual boot, or, better yet, just get used to using Ubuntu and forget Windows. You will like it.

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    Yeah, that is true. Generally it is fine to run 2 operating systems on the same physical hard drive, but it is better to run them on seperate physical hard drives. If it is possible for you to get another laptop hard drive, or maybe invest in an external hard drive just to be safe.

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