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my urine test is showing i have darvon in it. I never took darvon.. what are the other drugs you can take that

will show up as darvon. I NEVER TOOK DARVON.

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    False positives do happen; however most professional companies repeat positive tests to exclude that possibility. However, cross reaction is far more likely (though you obviously didn't undergo a standard test if it turned up positive for darvon, this drug is not measured in the classical NIDA-5 drug test).

    Cross reactions can happen between any similar chemical compounds. Darvon (proxyphene) is not chemically similar to other opioids, so I can't really explain it. If you have taken any other opioids (codeine, morphine, dextromethorphine etc) it could explain it.

  • The only thing that should show up as Darvon is Darvon. There is a possibility that your urine could have been mixed up with someone elses or contaminated. Or perhaps an ingredient in Darvon is a metabolite of something that you did take. I would ask to take a new test.

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    How about Darvocet, or Propoxy-N/APAP, 100-650.

    Davocet (or the second) is a combinaton of Tylenol and Darvon. Darvocet is the script drug, and the Proposy..... is the generic. Both are painkillers.

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