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for the guys out there...?

do you guys only depend on looks mostly to start liking a girl??

or do u guys look for personality and looks??

now be honest....

cuz i've seen guyz check me out for how i look...instead of personality...

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    Well it's obvious the first thing a guys sees is your looks because perhaps he just saw you for the first time and knows absolutely nothing about you. Then it's going to be your personality he finds out about IF you give him the chance. So as long as both aren't bad (in his opinion) you're ok. But looks have to start first - each man has a list of attributes in the looks department that are a veto - in my case I do not like skinny women, particularly if they are tall with short blonde hair, so I would not nor have I ever asked one such out. IMO better for her to be plain and witty rather than a boring hottie. But everyone is different.

  • honestly it depends on how the girl shows herself. my opinion the most attractives are your heart and soul not your looks. beauty is on the inside. personality goes a long way that is a must. just think about this when a guy checks you out he missing out on a great person on the inside and not the out. i personally look thru the girls eyes the windows of the soul if you may.

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    I can honestly say its not always about looks. Attitude plays a huge deal to me. Hottest chick in the world standing in front of me with poor personality suddenly becomes fairly ugly. AND on the flip side, I've dated girls that weren't the prom queen, but their personalities made them oh, so beautiful.

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    Looks hands down... the better looking the more attention you'll get... especially when it comes to your "package"... but personality will follow very close... Us guys will probably do everything to have sex with a b$tch (if she's hot) but once we do... we want to move on... to keep a guy and make him fall... head over heels... you got to have a sweet personality...

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    I go for looks first but I think personality is more important. If I think she's got it goin on but I don't like her personality then I just forget about it.

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    Sadly...looks are the most important thing when meeting a girl...but personality, for me, is what keeps me there.

  • Both

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    Coming from California and I see cute Asians a dime a dozen..PERSONALITY!!

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    yup looks, unless drunk and horny, then we lower our standards... i used to think women maintainted standards no matter what but now im not so sure.

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