I'm trying out for my school jazz band, as a guitar player. What should i play to impress him?

I am a good guitar player and i want to know what i should play to impress the teacher.

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    Anything by Al Di Meola. If I was a school jazz band instructor, I'd be impressed that a student even knew who Di Meola was.

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    1 decade ago

    Try looking at piano players, like Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, Count Basie and Fats Waller.

    Since a guitar can play individual notes as well as chords, just like a piano, and they're both "C" instruments, it might be easier for you to pull off. You won't have to transpose anything, and you won't have to pick an instrument part (like trumpet) you want to play on your guitar.

    A good audition, assuming it's three songs, could start with "Take the 'A' Train" by Ellington, (it's what "Stairway To Heaven" is to rock music, a standard tune), followed with " 'Round Midnight" by Monk, and ending with "One O'Clock Jump" by Basie. If you're only allowed one, then pick that song you're most comfortable with.

    Good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    Do you actually know any jazz type chord fingerings or progressions? Any jazzy type lines or runs? If not you'd have some homework to do. Can ytou sight read a bit? You'll need something, otherwise you may just as well ask how you can jump in a race car and expect to impress and drivers at a NASCAR event....

    Source(s): Jazz guitar is nothing to flirt with - you either got it, ...or ya don't.
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    Straight no Chaser. A tough one for pros!

    Learn a few of the classic "head" arrangements that have become standard material for jazz artists. Check any titles on old Miles albums.

    If you know how to "comp" that would be nice. Rhythmic chord patterns played as background to a soloist.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Any Eric Johnson song.

    ((update)): Here's a link to his "SRV". It's a pretty well-known song by his fans and it's just one of his works, his most well-known being "Cliffs of Dover". Skip ahead to the 1:20 mark on the video for the start of the best part.


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  • Teaim
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    Try the song Bedouin. Play it as arranged by Grant Green.


    PS-You should hear the whole album.

  • Play John Coltrane's tune, Giant Steps. It will show them that you understand chord changes.

  • 1 decade ago

    "Smoke on the Water" is great, but its not so much jazz-its more like rock.

  • you shuld play an alexisonfire song!!!!Alexisonfire RULESSSSSSSSSSS

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