Why is a person subject to execution for converting from Islam to Christianity ?

In 2006 an Afgan court dismissed the case against Abdul Rahman, who was facing execution for converting from Islam to Christianity. Why was he faced with such a demanding and condemning sentence ? What would killing him accomplish ?

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    7Proud Muslimah8Beautiful's answer above makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

    Such naivety and ignorance!!! I am not angry at her, mind you, but my heart aches for how deceived she is...

    She knows nothing about true Christianity...and even less about true Islam.


    A friend of a friend of mine was burnt to death by his own family in Afghanistan when he converted to Christianity from Islam about 2 years ago. My friend was born and raised in Afghanistan, abused personally by the Taliban, and converted to Christianity after hearing a broken radio broadcast from a Christian radio station beamed into Afghanistan from Pakistan. Were his family to find out, he would be killed. We had to meet secretly in Afghanistan, and if it weren't for the public upheaval it would cause, the Muslims would have killed me had they found out.

    This is happening ALL the time, while Christianity in America is welcoming Islam with open arms...to the point of compromising their own faith...and it is destroying American Christianity (even more so than the health, wealth, and prosperity "gospel")!


    A TRUE Muslim KILLS for their god.

    A TRUE Christians LAYS DOWN THIER LIFE for the LORD.

    All other "muslims" and "christians" are false professors who don't really know or believe what the Bible and/or Qur'an says...



    I'll tell you another thing about this whole "Abdul Rahman" case. My Afghan friend has also told me that MOST people in Afghanistan are REALLY pissed off that this guy ended up going to Italy. They want him DEAD. The people are not trusting their OWN government because they let this guy go to Italy (which they did because of the worldwide upheaval it would have caused to execute him). My friend tells me he has MANY Muslim friends that say they would kill this man themselves were he within their reach. And these are NOT even "extremist" Muslims! They are saying, "in the future, we will just kill converts ourselves without turning them into the government"...



    Here is your Islam "tolerance":

    "Ansarullah Mawlafizada [the chief Afghan justice] also said 'the Prophet Muhammad has said several times that those who convert from Islam should be killed if they refuse to come back, Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, kindness and integrity. That is why we have told him if he regrets what he did, then we will forgive him'."


    Convert from Islam and you will be killed. Convert back, and the government will spare you life (...but your family will likely still burn you to death)...


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    This is only in Islam when Islam rules. The apostate gets the death sentence.

    There are international humanity laws now. And both Iraq & Aphganistan new constitutions, they say to comply with humanity laws. That is also, that one cannot murder someone for their faith in God/ religion. So there are constitutional freedoms now.

    So, it would be a secret Islamic police who would carry out the killings.

    I believe the reason that Afgan dismissed the case against Abdul was because of their constitution. They are not under Sharia law anymore. Though he had to go to another country for safety, from secret Islamic police.

    They are killing Christians in Iraq right now. They are making an escape by the 1000s. For example, a Pastor was beheaded, a 14 yr old boy was crucified for sharing his faith, church going women had acid thrown on their faces. Islam is antichrist and has persecuted Christians ever since Christianity didn't accept Mohammed as a true prophet in the beginning. Islamic nations took over the early church land by dimitude (Christians & Jews are lesser than Muslims & need to pay $ to them while being hit on the head/ humbled) That is in the Koran. And if someone accuses them of disrespecting Islam, etc... they get the death sentence. That is why they died off. And right now Christians are sorely persecuted in Iraq in Sunni & Shiite stronghold areas. Also in Gaza, Christians who were there 100s yrs inherited their land are persecuted and lands taken away because Israel left Gaza &/or West bank. So, Christian exodus from persecution is difficult to be able to know where to go, & if they have $ to go.

    I love you chahadoo, speak the truth for what it is.

    Islam isn't pure. In the Koran itself, it writes to kill the unbeliever. It is also open ended. Any murderer can take the verse & run with it.

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    Yachadhoo seems to know what is True Christianity and True islam. Time and again I hear from people like him and understand how Misunderstood these people are. Islam and Muslims are two different Entities. Islam is Pure and not Corrupt. Muslims, on the other hand, may be corrupt and sinful, basically beacause we are also humans too. Just because Muslims sin, it is not appropriate to point the finger at Islam. Just like there are many Fools in Christianity, there are many Fools too in Islam. How much do you know about Christianity Mr Yachadhoo ? Who founded Christianity, Jesus or Paul? Any educated scholar will say without any prejudice that Paul was the founder of Christianity. It was not Jesus ! The problem with people is that they believe and rely so much on heresay. Go and find out yourself. Read how Christianity was formed and you will be surprised that Jesus was never in the picture but Paul. There is also another misunderstanding that Islam grew by Sword. This is another Huge Misconception. Anyone who had studied History will realise that Nothing, absolutely Nothing can be Achieved with Violence. Victory may be temporary, but, in the long run Violence loses. Just look at America as an example. From Vietnam to Iraq, what will you say, Victorious America ? No. Nothing can be Achieved with Violence. Despite all these accusations, Islam has Grown, is Growing and will Continue to Grow. Why ? Islam means Peace not Violence. Again look at Islam and Mulims as two entities and you will know what I mean.

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    Your right. People have brought these up, and this did happen to this guy in Afghanistan, but that does not mean that this is right in Islam. Under Islam, a person is free to choose his or her religion.

    The idea of apostate executions came from some hadith. Those hadith do not actually support this though. In the cases of the hadith, certain Muslims converted back to pagan worship and then they went to Mecca and told the Meccans where the Muslims were so that the Meccans could find them and kill them. Basically those certain people played the part that Judas does in the Gospels. It's for this reason that they were killed, not becuase they went back to pagan worship.

    Obviously, someone in Afghanistan wasn't thinking straight when they looked this hadith up.

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    why are Muslims killing Muslims? why did Cain kill his brother the prophet fought in Battle to shield himself towards folks that attacked him suicide assaults are a sin in Islam however a few guys have affect over the determined few that do that why are there such a lot of Muslim terrorist ? do the maths there are lot Muslims however in case you checked it out you are going to discover that the Muslim do not need essentially the most terrorists simply essentially the most heard approximately it was once the IRA (Christian towards Christian) Shari regulation was once round earlier than the prophet. this apple is the one meal i will have the funds for to have and also you stole it and now i should not have meal in these days while judgment is made on petty robbery matters like necessity are regarded

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    From a seemingly non-extremist Islamic site...

    " People who apostatize from Islam give up their loyalty to the Muslim nation and pay allegiance, heart and soul, to its enemies. "

    "...the Muslim jurists are unanimous that apostates must be punished, yet they differ as to determining the kind of punishment to be inflicted upon them. The majority of them... agree that apostates must be executed."

    Full article below.

    It appears that the "no compulsion in religion" that is often quoted only applies in one direction.

    (As an atheist, I'm not in a position to join or leave Islam.)

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    Laws like these are only practiced (or even on the books) in the most extreme countries. (Saudi Arabia, parts of Pakistan, etc.)

    But it's not just Islamic countries that have done it. Christianity also had forced conversions at different periods of its history. They would sometimes kill the new convert to be sure he did not backslide or revert back to his 'heathen' religion.

    But realize that this is not common in any religion.

    (To save my good name: I am not defending ANY religion.)

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    Islam is the religion of "peace" (not "pieces")

    Well ... there are contradicting opinions about this issue.

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    UNder sharia law it is considered treason.

    One reason is:

    WHat if that person is pretending to become muslim in order to get into the community to hurt people. he then would have betrayed us.

    There are other reasons.

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