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Who is the dirtiest player to ever live?

it includes cheap shots

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    everyone needs to stfu right now!!! zidane doesnt play dirty. ya thte headbutt was dirty but look at this, he did it to mterazzi the dirtiest player in fifa. if u look at some vids of materazzi, there are plenty of videos of him pushing, shoving kicking, pushing, and all that bad stuff. he trash talked so much to zidane he cudnt take it. the dirtiest player is MATERAZZI...that italian...look at juventes,they are an italian team!!!same blood, same thots

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    I would have to say Marco Materazzi, I have never seen any player play like him before it seems like to me that he sometimes gets away with some of the things that he does to other players. People say that is a great defender but if he is so great why does he need to knee people in the groin and kick people around when their on the ground. Then he acts like he did nothing wrong, he needs to get his act together.

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    What sport since some sports like a baseball basically are to be contact free so any illegal activity - spit ball - Gaylord Perry is seen as violating the rules or someone like a Ty Cobb even though one of the greatest players played dirty in how he ran the base paths - high slides. To me based on players I had the fortune to talk to the dirtiest I would say is football player Conrad Dobler and offensive lineman for the Cardinals.

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    Any Italian player. They foul when they don't have the ball, flop when they do, and fondle little boys when not playin. Also, Harald Schumacher. He knocked the guy unconscious and broke 2 of his teeth. But on that day it was a prefectly legal play, resulting in a goal kick

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    Genaro Gatusso

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    Materrazzi, u can always tell he is saying something to another player. 2 attacks from 2 different players in one season? Come on. With Cristiano Ronaldo being dirty for diving every 30 seconds when he gets any contact in the box.

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    Didier Drogba

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    Even before I read the answers, the only name that popped into my head was Vinnie Jones. I saw him play once. He went to ground 17 times. 1 was clean. For that, it's not even close. (But the guy can act!)

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    Has to be Vinnie Jones.

    Not one ounce of skill or talent just an ability to kick people.

    Then he gets a Hollywood career acting like he does in real life!!!


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