Attractions in Haiti?

I need to know what kind of attractions haiti has. Like geographical, historical, and cultural. Also anything about special holidays, popular sports, clothing, that kind of stuff.


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    The main attractions in Haiti are at Cap Haitian on the North Coast and they are the Citadel (King Christof's fortress on the mountain top) and Sans Souci, the ruins of his palace just outside town. Just before you get to Sans Souci, there is a large stone lined pool where human sacrifices were made.

    In Port-Au-Prince you can visit the Columbus museum, it's just down from the Palace and the anchor from the Santa Maria is located there.

    Soccer is a BIG sport. Carnival is a BIG party. Clothing is light and makeup is non existant.

    The best place to stay is the Oliffson Hotel and they have the best rum punches in town.

    The rest of the country isn't worth looking at or taking the chance to visit because of the violence in the country.

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    The best places to visit in Haiti>

    1.See the Citadelle and Sans sourci , near Cap Haitian , in the north



    Presidential Palace

    The Murals inside the Trinity Church

    My favourite place in Haiti:

    For general information I would recommend :

    The holiday list is as follows :

    Carnival in Jacmel can be fun:

    Carnival in Hiati

    Their favourite sport is football

    The Haitians are big supports of Brasil soccer team

    check out :

    Regarding Haitian Culture check out :


    I think that I have covered everything.

    Source(s): I live there part of the year.
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