HELP!!!? pleaseeeee?

ok first off all can you PLEASE answer my 2 questions. PLEASE. also i'm wearing a dress that shows off my boobs(whick are big) how do you think my guy will react and hes never been to a dance before. any idea what to do!? hes going to be nervous.

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    .I think he will love it. Just help him out while he's dancing if he doesn't know much about dancing

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    Well, the first thing he is going to say is are you going to wear that dress to the dance? Then he might say I am not going to the dance if you wear that dress. It depends on the kind of guy he is. He may think I will have the hottest girl at the dance and be even more motivated to go. I suggest you either tell him about the dress or model the dress for him prior to going to the dance. If he doesn't like surprises, that's what you should do. He may stare at your chest all night so prepare.

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    Don't know your guy, but you are going to obviously receive a lot of attention. Some guys like other guys admiring their date, but then some guys don't. Just keep close to your guy and let him know that you only have eyes for him, regardless how many guys look at you. Obviously this means you can not be looking at other guys, no matter what.

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    from my own personal experiences (with big boobs) if you do have a b/f they don't like or want other guys staring at what should be for his eyes to see, only. if you are wearing a dress with a low cut on the cleavage area, try to be a lady about it.

    by which i mean please wear a bra!

    I'm sure he will appreciate you for it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    my contribution... don't show yourself off to much, he might think tht your trying to put to much into the relationship, like trying to make it work, to hard. The natural reaction is to rebel against the thing your unsure about, which he might do.

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    Depending on what kind of guy he is, he will either be very nervous or he will be all over you. Have fun!

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