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Please help mee...what should i do?

I am 15 years old and I have a boyfriend who is 17..hes nice to me in public..but when we are alone or with his best guy friends, he like takes advantage of me and tries to have sex..If i dont do exactly what he wants he will hit me or just be really mad for a while..i feel like i might be doing something wrong or not like pleasuring him enough but i dont know..also when we are with his friends he pressures me consistently until i drink or smoke pot or whatever he's dad and mom split up a few years ago and my mom is extremely busy..she works night hours alot and he comes over..he always lets himself in and tries to spend the night..i ask him to leave and he just kisses me and ignores it until i give up..he used to be really nice to me so maybe he will stop or something..i just know that telling my mom is not an option because she isnt here enough and expects me to be good..i know that she would definitely not approve of me having sex, drinking, and smoking..what should i do?


Im posting this question in parenting because I am hoping that some people who are parents can tell me what they would usually not like this so please dont just like assume that im like a messed up kid

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    You need to break things off with this guy. He is not treating you right or being respectful of you. It will only get get out now. If you really can't tell you mom (it is her house you know) then try another trusted adult like a school counselor, family friend, clergy member, or relative. If you feel threatened buy this guy and if you think that he may act up if you try to break up with him, you need to have others involve. You can get a restraining order against him if necessary. Just don't try to handle it all on your own. You are still young and its okay to ask for help when you are in over your head. Just please get away from him before something bad happens and you end up seriously injured. Good luck with everything...if you need to talk my email is on my profile.

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    It seems like you need to break things off with this guy before he puts you in the hospital or he rapes you. You dont need to go thru something like this at this young of an age or at any age. He does not respect you and is only putting on a front for others. My advise and only advise is to get out of this relationship as fast as you can before something bad happens. If he continues to bother you after you break it off you should talk to your mother and may be put a restraining order on him.

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    You must break it off with him. This type of behavior can quickly lead to abuse and worse. The situation has already become too much for you to handle alone, so enlist the help of your mom. You do not have to tell her everything that he tries to make you do - simply say that he's overly controlling and you do not want to have any more communication with him. She will be proud of you for standing your ground.

    Sometimes it's easy for a young girl like yourself to become used to this type of behavior, and you may feel scared to break it off with him because you don't know if there is anyone better out there. TRUST ME there are a lot of better guys out there, and you deserve to be treated better.

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    You don't need to be treated like this. You need to leave him and you need to leave him now. I hope you leave him in time because maybe the next time he hits you, you might need a hospital. I've seen this in young girls like you and in older women. But darling remember when a man hits you that doesn't mean he loves you. It just means that he feels that he has the power to do what he wants with you. So please leave. I just hope you do. All of these are signs that he just wants to control you and that its not love that he feels. Please honey listen and leave. And don't think that I don't know whats it like to see someone I love and care for get treated like this. My best friend in high school (12th grade) Her boyfriend treated her the way your boyfriend treats you. She went to a party with her boyfriend and he kinda forced her to drink and smoke until she passed out. Him and his friends ended up beating and raping her. So please I don't want you to end up like her. Please leave

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    Run as fast as you can. Any kind of physical abuse is just plain wrong, let alone doing drugs and alcohol at such a young age. It will get you into a lot of unwanted trouble!

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    You are too good for him. I know its hard to imagine at 15, but don't feel like you need to do the things he is pressuring you to do. You do NOT need to.

    And if he is hitting you, you need to just end it. That hitting can escalate to something bigger later.

    You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, so be done with him.

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    ive gone through this before but im alot younger.......... but he was nice for a while but he started getting all mean so i just ignored him until he gave up and i dont see him anymore but if he trys to kiss you and trys to do that again kick him in the balls and run away but if he hits you call the police its ok but he will get arrested but if he doesn't yell at him and dont let him talk threaten him by saying your going to call the police but if he reaches for you get what your cooking dump it on his head and them hit him with it and run away!!!

    Source(s): i got that last part from a movie lol
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    omg u are getting abused u need to put the police up on him

    u may love him but apperently he dosent love u

    besides u know those things are wrong u need to stop them u need to liek take out the gun and threten him when he is harrisng u

    hope i helped!!!

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    does your boyfriend really love you??if not just dump him because he just want to "playing" with you,tell your mom about how you feel.

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    call the cops

    thats all i gotta say

    don't let him use u

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