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I'm new to Starbucks and don't know how to make orders like everyone else. The weather is getting hot, but I always get a hot drink. Am I supposed to specify if the drink I want should be hot or cold? What drinks can be ordered both hot or cold? Which cannot? What are the other options I can have? Like decaf or sugar or whipped cream? Can someone type the way I can make a fancy order verbatim? Like what is the proper way to make such and such an order with such and such fancy side options? Thanks, a comprehensive answer would be most appreciated!


Wow, these have been very helpful!

What are some other popular "iced" drinks during this dreadful hot weather?

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    If you want something cold, specify when you start your order by saying "Iced", then the size, then drink item. For example, I order an "Iced, grande, non-fat, vanilla Latte." You can get lattes, mochas, plain coffee and tea lattes over ice. The frapuccino drinks are inherently cold and icey, so you do not have to specify anything special with those. It takes practice, and even veterans of Starbucks-speak crew up at times. Don't sweat it!

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    First of all, Starbucks has American-ized coffee, and so has many other coffee shops. Lattes and cappucinos are hot drinks with brewed espresso and steamed milk and sugar or flavoring. The cappucino came first and latte was made up later. The difference is the amount of froth, a latte has hardly any whereas a cappucino has a lot. Now, the mocha isn't a drink, it's chocolate flavor in your latte, cappucino, iced latte, (espresso, flavoring and half-and-half or milk poured over ice) or frozen coffee drink. To me it makes no sense to say I want a mocha. But, if you are going to Starbucks, do what the other people said. Specify size, and if you want it iced, frozen, or hot. You can specify on cappucino or latte, they just like to confuse you. you decide if you want froth, what flavor (Vanilla, mocha, white-mocha, which is white chocolate, caramel, and there are probably sugar-free flavors, too)and whip cream, which melts on hot drinks anyways. And enjoy.

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    My favorite hot drink is a "non fat, tofee nut latte, with three pumps of syrup"! Sometimes I like whip (whip cream) on it and sometimes I don't!! My favorite cold drink is a "mocha light frappacino, no whip and add a shot, blended"! Yummy! Good luck!

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    Well if ur talking about everything on the starbucks menu, there are teas that u can get, you just have to ask for "iced <insert name of tea>(Sweetened or not)". and if ur talking about coffee, their caramel mochachino can be hot or iced. they have ice-capps. they have this minty chocolate iced drink. and if none of these things are sumthing your looking for, look at their menu. And most of their drink can have whipped cream on them. (For the iced teas, you cannot put whipped cream on it)

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    Alrighty...You start with the kind of drink you want, if you want it cold, tell them iced...them specify anything extra you want on it. (Iced latte with whip). Foam, no foam...whip, no whip...decaf, half caf....non's all stuff you learn. And when you learn what magical concoction it is that you love...the words flow like wine!

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    in the wintry climate I order the two the cinnamon dolce latte whilst its out, or the pumpkin spice latte. in the summmertime, I continually get a mocha frappacino. and of direction, the whip cream.

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