Virtual Game Station Patch?

I'm trying to run the Connectix VGS ps emulator but it wont work on windows xp. Fortunately, there is a patch to run the emulator on windows xp but I don't know how to run the patch with the emulator! Can someone help me out?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First of all, you can get CVGS 2.0 (558Kb) at It's free and full support. :)

    And here is for your Question :

    There are some reasons but most of all is you don't have tnkXfs.dat file in your temp dir after run Connectix VGS.exe.

    Run Connectix VGS.exe and check your temp dir for tnkXfs.dat.

    If it don't work (don't make any tnkXfs.dat file in temp dir), That is your CVGS version is strange from your patch.

    You can try a another CVGS (1,276Kb) as (It's already run on Windows xp).

    If it work, you can try another patch. CVGS_NT is your need. Just unzip all files in (8Kb) to your CVGS folder. And run cvgsrun.exe. It's OK.

    You can get at

    Not of all, the 2nd reason is your CPU is Intel Pentum 4. Right ? You can get VGSp4 (26Kb) at

    If any link don't work OK, please right click on the link and click Save Target As... Or you can copy the link and paste it to your browser (IE,...) Address Bar.

    Have fun!

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