Gift registry for wedding, but not attending? Do they ship the gifts?

O.K. my friends have a few gift registries at places like yonkers and target, and I want to get them something. However, since their wedding is out-of-state, I cannot attend. Do the stores ship the gifts to them, or to the wedding? Or do they pick them up from the store? How does that work.....or do they ship it to me, and do I give them the gift before, or after the wedding?

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    The store will ship the gift to the couple based on the address they have in their registry.

    If for some reason the couple chose not to put their address on the registry, you'll need to have that info. We ended up taking our address off our registry for Macy's because they allowed it to be public, which meant that anyone could walk into a Macy's and print out our registry with our home address right on top. If our guests ordered from Macy's they had to have our home address.

    Most stores will also have the option of a gift receipt so that if for some reason the couple needs to return or exchange the gift, you don't need to give them the receipt.

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    Have the store send it directly to their home. This will ensure it gets their safely and if there is a problem (the item is lost or damaged), the store will be responsible for it, not you. You can send a gift as soon as you receive an invite to the wedding. Don't feel like you have to wait until the day of or after. They'll be getting enough gifts the day of, they will probably appreciate getting some a little early. It'll make it easier with thank you notes too!

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    You buy the stuff and the store will mark it off their registry. You take the stuff with you and then you are responsible to ship it to the bride and groom. Why not just send money in a card and they can spend it on whatever they want?

    Is there anyone that lives near you that is going to the wedding? If so, send the present with them.

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    Well I can't tell you for sure if those particular stores ship but most of them do. If they do ship then when they set up their registry they gave an address that they would like gifts shipped to and the store will do that for you. If you want to have it shipped to you so you can give it to them yourself, you can do that to. It's totally up to you. Good Luck!

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    The store where they are registered will ship it to them. If you order online, when you check out you'll get an option to either send it to you or send it to the person who registered (the place of registry will have their address on file so you don't have to worry about getting their address). Online is the way to go

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    Most places with registries allow you to ship direct to the couple and will even include a little card for you. For some stores shipping is free if you send it to them via their local store, you can purchase it at your store and send it to them at their local store. My aunt did that with JCPenneys. There are many options, just check with the store you decide to go through for the cheapest options (for shipping purposes).

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    Ships directly to their house. It's an option they select when creating the registries

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    Be aware that if you do choose to have it delivered to your friends you will have to pay an additional fee for delivery.

    Not all registries make personal address public. Shame on Macys!

    Some couples opt not to have deliveries at all. But this is quite rare.

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    a great many stores offer to ship wedding gifts purchased with them. our god-daughter lives 8000 miles away and i used sears. they shipped every little thing i bought and it all arrived safe and sound on her doorstep.

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    i know you can shop for registered gifts at and they'll ship the gift right to them, with a card and everything.

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