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what should i do for red freckled faced skin?

i want to get a spray on tan but i dont know if i face isnt real red but slightly on the cheeks and some visable freckles.i dont know if i should get a spray on tan or use some kind of product.but hey people not rich here

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    Dont' use tanning stuff, just use some light bronzer. Also, for you eyes, you should use a misty , green eyeshadow!!! it'll go perfect with your hair and skin type!!

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    Be real,this year real is the deal,high maintenance is on the outs,use clothing colour to change your complection.If you insist then i suggest a grunge look.Think about your uniqness against th others.Red is not dead.

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    Aw freckles are cute, dont try to cover them up, a lot of guys think freckles are cute too :)

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    Just buy an over the counter foundation that matches your skin tone.

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  • blatt
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    Get a suntan then you can not see the freckles!

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    ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! You are beautiful the way you are!!! get in high spirits

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