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How do I fit an image to the screen size in internet explorer?

When I get sent photos by e mail, they are alway so huge that I can only see a small portion of each picture and have to scroll around to see the rest of the picture!

I want to be able to view the pics from my web based e mail without downloading and using an imaging program to resize.

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    You need to "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" in Internet Explorer.Click on...


    2)"Internet Options"

    3)"Advanced" tab

    4)scroll down to "Multimedia"

    5)check the box "Enable Automatic Image Resizing".

    Now every image displayed in Internet Explorer will fit on the page.

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    the problem is that the emails you look at in your web based email are formatted to make the picture as big as the sender sent it. so your web browser just shows it the way the sender sent it.

    if you look directly at a picture (and not a page with a picture on it) both firefox and IE will resize it. however, when its on a page in some context, the browser will show it like it was meant to be shown..

    firefox has many add on tools you can download that will allow you to easily resize a huge picture however. the firefox suggestion is good, but it will only work with special tools (or if you look at the picture directly, and not in the context of where it sits on a web page like an email you get)

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    Internet Explorer should automatically reside the pictures to fit.

    Did you mess around in the settings?

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    when viewing the screen, just push and hold control on your computer and use the mouse's scroll uption to scroll down. it'll zoom out. or, you can save it to your desktop and go into adobe photoshop, paint, or any other viewing program and shrink it. but that's only if you want to save all the pics.

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    just drag and drop them in to an IE window they should automatically resize to fit the window

    if you press F11 you'll find IE goes full screen so you can see you pics better press F11 again to return to normal size

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    you could try to reply so you can edit the message and make the image smaller.

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    Download Mozilla Firefox and your problems will be solved.

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