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why does both sides grow hair and the top dont bald people?

why does both sides grow hair and the top of the head ?! is! that the dryest part of the head proffesonal opinon and what works to beat the problem . can you help my roomate hes self esteem bucks please help life time friend

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    its called alopecia areata and it can be caused by many things including but not limited to diseases of the hair and scalp, wearing hats, and genetics or any combination of these and other things. see link.

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    Just get a wig.People's hair fall out at different times.Just like Taylor HIcks his hair is grey,but yet I don't believe he was really 29.I bet he's gonna die in 30 yrs

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    Smack your mom... She gave you the baldness gene. meanwhile... look after it from the interior with a multi diet containing Biotin and verify you wash in many cases to maintain your follicles clean of debris and oil.

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    Baldness as we age is normal and is related to higher testosterone. In reality, he should be happy that he is losing his hair. It means that he has more of the male sexual hormone than others.

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