I'm really intrested in Radiology & Oncology. Are there any good colleges/universities in Kansas that could support this major? I would also like some doctors who are involved with these to tell me what it requires, their experience in this field, how rewarding it is, how heart-breaking/uplifting it is, & any other info. you would like to share.

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    You are not going to do radiology or oncology in undergrad school; all you need is a college or university with a good science program and a decent overall reputation. After getting through college, you need to get into and through med school before deciding what you are going to specialize in. Generally, you can go directly into radiology residency straight out of med school. If you are going into oncology, you do an internal medicine residency first, then a fellowship in oncology (although you get quite a bit of exposure to onc in your medicine residency).

    Generally internal medicine residencies are 3 years with a couple of more years required for an oncology fellowship. There is also a separate specialty called radiation oncology, which involves using radiation to treat cancer as opposed to diagnostic radiology, which involves doing X-rays, CT scan, MRI's, etc.

    A huge part of the reward/heartbreak ratio depends on your personality. There is no question that not every person is cut out for every specialty. In radiology, you are certainly going to be involved in the care of very sick patients, but generally not as intimately or as often as with oncology.

    One thing you might want to consider is doing some volunteer work at a hospital. You might find that you love it or that you can't stand it...knowing this early could be a big help. Good luck!

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