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What is a fair visitation schedule?

for my 2 kids? Right now, I meet their dad half way( a 5 hour drive total) for them to spend a weekend. This is really wearing on me, as I also have a 2 year old, that has to accompany me, because my x always has to have it around his work schedule, which is during the hours my husband works. So, what is a fair schedule? How many times a month should I have to do this? What does everyone else do?

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    Kids are always an issue in a divorce and the thing is to REALLY look at THEIR future and feelings.

    Sacrifice is a part you must play because YOU brought them into the world.

    If there is a medium everyone can get together on, that's REAL good, but if not..........sacrifice.

    Is there ANYTHING impossible for GOD ????

    Speak to the judge or lawyer if you want more hardship relief.

    I wish you well on it, and will pray.

    I prayed.

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    If you don't have legal papers drawn up, you don't have to do anything at all.

    If he wants to get a lawyer and set visition, let him...until then, you don't have to do a thing.

    Normal visitation is every other weekend and Wednesdays (although, your ex proabably woudn't get Wednesday's because he's so far away).

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    Depend on what you want to do.By rights he should have to come and get them and bring them back.but that's cool you do that!A lot of people have the court set things up.I have always just been open to letting the kids see their Dad as much as possible.They really do miss out on a lot.As my kids got older it was their decision!

    Be thankful he wants to be part of their life .I have a lot of friends that their kids dads aren't around!

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    i hav no idea wat wld happen cuz i dont hav kids, but i remember going on subways and trains by myself when i was about 3rd grade, to go visit my friend tat lived really far away. it wasnt tat dangerous (well, it actually depends on how old u r). they wldnt have to visit every day. maybe if u dont go to church, sundays r good cuz many ppl go 2 church and while they're going, u can send them to the bus/train/subway station and if they dont feel like it, u dont have to send them. i hav no idea wat everyone else does.

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