How can i configure my firewall so that i can access ms exchange server 2003 from internet?

I nee some information like port mapping or forwarding ... to be configured on my firewall for connecting my pc to Microsoft exchange server from internet when i'm not home

in addition i need info on how can make my exchange 2003 retrieve several pop3 mails to one local email address.

any help please

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    You'll need ports 25 and 110 open and forwarded to your Exchange server for Exchange to work at all. (I assume this is already done). You'll also need to open port 80 and 443, again forwarding them to the Exchange box.

    Downloading pop accounts into Exchange generally isn not supported. There is a pop connector that ships with Small Business Server, but Standard/Enterprise do not provide this support. If you're using SBS, this is the procedure:

    1. Open Server Management.

    2. In the console tree, click Internet and E-mail.

    3. In the details pane, click Manage POP3 E-mail, and then click Open POP3 Connector Manager. The POP3 Connector Manager Properties dialog box appears.

    4. On the Mailboxes tab, click Add. The POP3 Mailbox dialog box appears.

    5. Complete the requested information

    The better fix would be to configure Outlook with your Exchange account as default, and add all your pop accounts as well. Make sure your data store is Exchange, not a .pst file. You'll receive all your mail from all accounts in one place, and send under the Exchange account. Exchange doesn't actually receive the pop mail (Outlook does), but it does store all of it for you, for backups, etc.

    If you have SBS 2003, you've got Outlook Web Access, of course. This is configured under server management as well.

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    What kind of firewall are you using? Exchange 2003 RPC over HTTP (which is what you would be using), just uses the standard port 80 for this. Go to for a tutorial of how to set this up.

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