Who killed Sigmund Freud and why?

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    The others before me are correct in that he died of cancer. But his murder was plotted and confessed a few years after his death after police entered a home on drug charges and found evidence of plotting in journals.

    To understand this, you must understand that Freud was a radical in sexual theory. His theories were almost extremely absurd, for example:

    The reasons that you have momma's boys and daddy's girls is because they are sexually attracted to the parent of the opposite gender. He composed several books that soon made their way to the blacklists of several countries. Yet, he continued to write more books.

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    Freud wasn't killed. He died of a jaw cancer that developed because of his addiction to cigars. He was a heavy cigar smoker and smoked for several years.

    By the way: his theories are so not absurd! Freud was an extremely intelligent man that had flair. He discovered the unconscious and was the first to say that kids have a sexuality BEFORE puberty. He shocked people and he still does. Even in 2007, I believe that people are not still ready for Freud.

    Oh and he was also the man who found that cocaine can be used for local anaesthesia... His young assistant got the credit for that though.

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    I think you need to read "The Remaking of Sigmund Freud" by Barry Malzberg...Basically the story is about how Freud was murdered by a disappointed patient, only to be reincarnated aboard a spaceship whose crew need analysis...

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    A heavy cigar smoker, Freud endured more than 30 operations during his life, due to mouth cancer. In September 1939 he prevailed on his doctor and friend Max Schur to assist him in suicide. After reading Balzac's La Peau de chagrin in a single sitting he said, "My dear Schur, you certainly remember our first talk. You promised me then not to forsake me when my time comes. Now it is nothing but torture and makes no sense any more." Schur adminstered three doses of morphine over many hours that resulted in Freud's death on September 23, 1939

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    I think he had throat cancer if I am not mistaken...he smoked a lot of cigars

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    he died of cancer...

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