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Do different liquids expand the same amount?

we are planning to do an experiment on expansion of liquids but apparently all liquids expand the same amount. eg. coke, pepsi, water, beer, wine.... Is this true?

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    All liquids that are made up by blending with water will have the same expansion and contraction characteristics as water.

    Water increases in volume as it is heated. The small amount of other components in the mixture will not affect the characteristics of the water by very much..

    Below 32 degrees F water will freeze and form ice.

    At 32 degrees F water has a specific volume of 0.01602 cubic feet per pound (= 62.422 pounds per cu. ft.).

    At 170 degrees F water has a specific volume of 0.01645 cubic feet per pound (=60.7903 pounds per cu. ft.)

    At 212 degrees F water has has a specific volume of 0.01672 cubic feet per pound (=59.8086 pounds per cubic foot)

    Above 212degrees F water will boil and turn into vapor, or steam. (at sea level barometric pressure).

    In order to determine the above values for water you will have get and use a Table of Thermodynamic Properties of Steam.

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    all liquids do not expand the same about. but these all have water, so they are gonna expand the same amount.

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    no it all depends on the density

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