Can I find out if I'm pregnant before a missed period?

I know a home test won't work but is there another test that would tell me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on your body, and how much hormone your body is producing. I found out when I was a little less than two weeks with an at home pregnancy test. The line was very light, and I retested a week later, and got a positive result.

    Keep an eye out for abnormal symptoms, like breast tenderness, nausea, excessive urine (in the early weeks of pregnancy, women tend to urinate more), and a "funny" feeling in your abdomen.

    Most dollar stores sell pregnancy test. So buy a few. Test now, and a few days later. If they come out negative, you still may be pregnant, so avoid alcohol and other chemicals.

    And lastly, stay calm. I know it's stressful not knowing, but being stressed out can 1) Keep your menstruation from coming on time, and 2) Will up your chances of a miscarriage if you are pregnant. So if you want to test every 3 or 4 days, then do it. It's always better to know sooner than later, because the first trimester is the most detrimental.

    Good Luck! I hope this helps!

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    Well there is a blood test they can do, but they normally won't do them unless you are high risk {like I am for ectopic pregnancy due to having my tubal reversed} - however these are only able to determine if you are 5 days in advance, and then you will have to return in 48 hrs to be sure the numbers are doubling.

    The EPT and First Response do offer an early tests, but my Doctor even says, they are getting a few cases but most of the time they do NOT recommend them.

    Waiting until you have missed your period means the egg has implanted and you are officially pregnant. Taking things to early may detect the fertilized egg and it may not find a home for the next 9 months and you will get all excited for no reason. So if you can wait then wait.

    If you are in a certain situation such as mine, then you can try it, but if you get a negative don't go crazy thinking you are not until YOU are due for your cycle.

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