tenerife- cheap accomodation?!!? in desperate need, pliz help!!?

Hi everyone,

I have a huge problem; I am planning to spend a 3months holiday at Tenerife, working. Thus, i will need a accomodation/ probably an appartment, but i can't find anythign cheap?! All the offers on the internet are around 250 pounds per week and i certainly can't spend that much...

I was looking for something around 500E a month for whatever, studio, appartment. caravan...? (anything for two people). Does anyone of you could halpe me? It could be slightly more, anything will do. The cheapest offer that i have found so far is 600 E a month...

btw. i am going to be there from the end of May until the end of August, thus i suppose i gotta pay a rent for 3 months: june, july, august...



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    1 decade ago
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    Hi Justine, It depends where you will be working, the tourist resorts are the most expensive to rent in. Try the Tenerife News or Oasis FM, these both offer accommodation. Good luck, I may see you on the Rock soon.

    Source(s): www.tenerifenews.com www.oasisfm.com
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