dating a former "fattie"?

Just curious about a man's point of view.

Would you date a woman that was once overweight but now thin and looking "good"? Also-what if you knew her as an overweight woman and then she dropped the weight....would you look at her differently? Or will she always be a "fat girl"?

BTW-I'm in my mid-20's and been overweight most of my life. But I'm dropping the weight and looking to date a friend of mine.

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    There once was this girl who used to be loved for her stupid jokes, her quick wittedness, but sometimes clammy remarks. Sure everyone enjoyed her company and was nice to her face, but she never had a boyfriend or was told she was beautiful cause she needed the focus to be on something other than her extra roll....

    Take it from me, I was that girl... I never dated until college, I lost maybe 70 pounds and it was like I was being seen for the first time! Guys are like girls, they are so into self image a trophy girl/wife, they always look to the attraction. If he truly is into you then what you were or did before shouldnt matter.

    That is unless you ran a drug ring and i doubt that!

    Be comfortable with yourself enjoy his company and if it goes to the next level welcome it! He stuck by you for a reason right?

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    I think it really depends on the person (me, not you).

    A person of good character is going to be less likely to care.

    Now I'd be lying if I said that looks are irrelevant.

    But any guy who looked at a girl who looked good, but said "naw, she used to be fat, I don't want anything to do with her" is an idiot, and you shouldn't want to be with someone like that anyway.

    So you shouldn't care. Just live your life, and be glad to filter out jerks like that.

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    Why not? you proved to yourself that you wanted to better yourself and you me that is very attractive and the fact that you don't have en ego ...those who were once fat but then

    become better looking then to be better people..

    I should know I was once fat NOW i am a MARINE :)

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