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homework help!??????????

the person with best answer gets 10 points, 5 stars and thumbs UP! i need ecology help!! ecology means the study of the relationships and interactions between living organisms and their natural or developed environment. if you can go to a website and give me a paragraph or 2 about it, i will give you best answer at 7:40 pacific time. (4 hours) if you have websites, they are welcomed with open arms. please help!! prontoooo.

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    Not to be rude or mean and yes we all need help, but what your asking for is something YOU can do. Its obvious you have access to a computer! Are you needing the help because YOU don't want to find the answer yourself, or because your wanting to find the best answer. Either way, your not being honest about your work. You are going to take "credit" for someone else's time and effort. That is basically PLAGIARISM!!

    Do you own work if all your wanting is a website to go to!!

    By the way...I'm a teacher!

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    I don't know the answer but you could go to reserch on the internet Like wikipedia or google...

  • 1 decade ago it has everything u ever need and more

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