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Breast Pain.?

ok, for some reason, since December, ive been suffering with breast pain that i dont understand, i know your all gonna say..go to the doctors..blah blah blah..dont worry eventually i will..but i just really wanted to know why this is happening.


i get the pain just about everyday so its not with any time of anything, or whatever...but its mainly my left breast that hurts the most, they feel very sensitive, no lumps

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    When I had breast pain in both breasts and then later it moved just to the left breast it turned out I had a condition called costochondritis. This is an inflammatory condition that affects the cartilage around the ribcage. This is very common in women. Some of the symptoms of it can make one think they are having a heart attack or something similar.

    The dr can give you a better idea of whether it's this or something else going on to cause this pain that is occurring all the time.

    Source(s): Been dealing with costochondritis for almost 10 years.
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    i dont have that however possibly u pulled a muscle come what may and it might intent ache from ur armpit to ur chest muscle but when its truthfully ur breast that hurts than u must provide urself a breast and arpit exam for any lumps or touch a health care professional approximately it. Good Luck!!!! <333

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    I Suggest U seek help of Some kind, If it doesn't go away soon it may be an onset of something more serious, an underlying problem,Nothing Concerning this matter should just be Swept under the carpet and forgotten, IT MAY TURN OUT TO BE MORE SERIOUS THAN YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): Concerned Male - SELF
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