How many pages can you read in a day?

average pages.

How long does it take you to finish a 250-page book?

Do you have any tips for quicker reading?

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    It depends on what type book it is, how dense the type is and what level it is written for. Technical, college, and professional books are more tedious to read and generally take longer than fiction or books written for the average reading level, which I've heard is about the eighth grade level.

    If you're reading technical material, it's supposed to go more quickly if you survey the material first and then read for content. It flows more easily since you have some context for what you're reading.

    Sometimes I read a particular author more quickly once I have a feel for their "voice." Some have a peculiar way of speaking that is difficult until you "get it."

    You'll also read more quickly during the time of day when you are normally most energetic, when your reading environment is clutter-free and there are no distractions, and if you play classical music (particularly Mozart) in the background. And make sure you have sufficient lighting.

    All that being said, I have no idea how quickly I read. I have a habit of reading till I need to really think about what I've read and then I may wait a week before I pick it up again. It's common for me to have several books going at once, and I've never timed myself. I was always told in school that to read with optimal comprehension, you should allow yourself an hour for every 35-60 pages. I don't remember what grade that was or if it changes over time or not.

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    Everyones reading ability is different. Some people could take longer while others could be done much quicker. I, myself could finish a 250 page book in about 2 or so hours and be able to understand what I read too. But like I said, it depends on the reader.

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    Yes I have finished books of about 400 to 500 pages in about 8-10 hours (I consider this time limit for one full day's reading). It mainly depends on the stuff you read. When I read I just go and sit alone and read without disturbance, as this will help to read fast and also understand. If the book you are reading is just a novel or just for passing time without any need to take minute points in to understanding and analysing you can go fast. If it is a very important book such as - physiological or spiritual or medical or any other reference books it will take lot of time as I jot down many points depending on the purpose and necessity of reading the particulars book. In which case I hardly finish 30-40 pages in a day.

    So it depends on the purpose and quality of reading and also the contents of the book.-

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    Best way to improve your reading speed is to practice! Your local community college might also offer a speed reading course for a reasonable price. Generally, I can 250 page book in an hour and a half, maybe two hours

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    Around two hours. Maybe less if I'm uninterrupted.

    The trick to reading fast is to really get into the book. You aren't going to finish it fast if you don't like it. Don't pay attention to whats going on around you. You'll only get distracted.

    A true book lover will not let long books daunt them. Dig in and have fun.

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    Page length varies, but I might finish the 250-page book in a couple hours.

    To read faster, simply read more. That's the best method to improve reading skills.

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    A pocket-sized paperback book? 250 pages in about 2 hours, with no interruptions.

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    Probably about 5-6 hours of reading time.

    Reading more is the key to reading quicker...

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    I read approx a page a minute of course this is moderated by what I am reading.

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    2 hours and 50 minutes. I'm a fast reader. I hate it though, because I go through books too quickly. Why would you want to rush through a book, anyway?

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