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My boyfriend just broke up with me. Distance between us has led to alot of stress and temptation for him. He has become weak and has developed feelings for another girl and as I began to see us crumble I became more outgoing myself and have also met a guy. He (my exbofriend) has really changed almost to the point where its alarmming. We obviously both still have very strong feelings for one another and are kind of in the air. So this girl (hes into) is going out of town this weekend and so is his family except for grandpa so hes there by himself taking care of grandpa. He wants me come home to see him so we can chill "like old times". I could be so done with this relationship if he would only stop the back and forth. I dont know what to do!!! What would you do??? Should I go home? By the way we were each others first and have known each other since the 8th grade and dated fot the past year.


No you have it all wrong. I love this boy so much I had sheltered myself from doing alot of college life things. I didnt cheat on him he fell for another girl while he was still in a relationship with me. I waited until we were really having problems to step out... you know tho make myself get through this. No kissing or touching nothing like that.

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    It's hard to try to be friends with your ex, especially if you still have strong feelings for him. This guy does not want to stay committed to you, hence him "falling" for a new girl. And you've come to the realization that w/ out him, you can have fun and meet other people. Honestly, if I were you, I'd tell him that I didn't think it was a good idea. I know he's your first, and it's hard to let go. But just think of your past relationship as something to learn from. Find yourself and enjoy life. You're young and have so much time to want to settle down. When you do finally find that one, do it w/ someone who's gonna stay faithful to you, despite any obstacle.

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    I would tell him no. Make him realize that he can't have his cake and eat it too. He can't have the other girl he's met but keep you (who's probably his comfort).

    Tell him that maybe you'll get together another time. Maybe it's good for the two of you to explore new people and go out and do things w/o each other for a while. You're still young. If it's meant to be then it will happen on it's own.

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    Why is it you both did the same things yet he was weak and you became outgoing? A little self-centered are we? Probably a good reason he decided to dump you and find someone better.

    Good for him.

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