Locking In Programs?

I use a shared computer with my brothers and sister, we are all set to computer administrator because of updating issues in the past, and one of my brothers keeps removing my programs just to be mean. when i get on the computer in the morning i have to wait and extra ten minutes before i can get to what i need to be doing because i have to download and install the program again. does anybody know of any setting panel or program that can lock other administrators out of add/remove programs section???? or a setting just to have the program not show up in the control panel when its installed?...any help would be appreciated. thank for taking your time to read this.


Without having to delete any other administrators or put them on limited account, that would cause too much trouble.

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  • BobbyD
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    1 decade ago
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    If you are an administrator, you have the capability of removing other administrators.

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