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Are there online sources that track airline on-time departure statistics/trends? If so, where are they?

Southwest Airlines has discontinued my very reliable flight from Chicago to Birmingham and left me with a very unreliable last flight of the day option. I'm looking at an American Airlines replacement flight (which I would use every week) but it shows a 30% on time status...but that's American self-reported which I believe based on years of experience with them to be exaggerated. I'm looking for an independent website that will tell me by flight number, by airline, what the real statistics have been over time and maybe even allow me to establish predictive trends. Anyone know of anything like that? Thanks.

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    The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) was established as a statistical agency in 1992.

    Airline on-time data are reported each month to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) by the 19 U.S. air carriers that have at least 1 percent of total domestic scheduled-service passenger revenues, plus other carriers that report voluntarily. The data cover nonstop scheduled-service flights between points within the United States (including territories) as described in 14 CFR Part 234 of DOT's regulations. Data are available since January 1995 and include Trans World Airlines (bought out by American Airlines in 2001) and Hawaiian Airlines (reported voluntarily in 2003). The following statistics are available:

    Summary Statistics - All and late flights (total number, average departure delay, average taxi-out and average scheduled departure) and late flights (total and percent of diverted and cancelled flights).

    * Origin Airport

    * Destination Airport

    * Origin and Destination Airport

    * Airline

    * Flight Number


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    The website that you are looking for is FlightStats. Once you register with them, you can look up historical flight report by flight number. Also, you can track flight status by route, by flight or by airport.


    Hope this helps.

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