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What program or player plays .avi files?

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    Windows media player has been playing avi files for a long time. You might need codecs that you don't have such as Divx. Whenever someone cannot play video files, usually the case is that they need Divx so I suggest you download the Divx codec. If that doesn't help there are programs that can determine what codec is necessary.

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    Apple Quicktime.

    Windows Media Player

    (by default)

    .AVI is the standard for video files. Just click on it and if on windows, the media player will play it.

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    Most popular software program to run .avi extension is Apple Quicktime, but you can use Windows Media Player such Version 10 or 11.

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    Do you want a list? Windows Media Player, Divx player, Winamp, a million others.

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    Try VLC media player ( It is totally free. It pratically plays almost any video or audio file type.

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