If the doctrine of God foreknows all events........?

than how is the belief that human will is free?


add true after free.

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    all events that involve saving the planet.....our own personal lives we can decide but that runs out at death so think about that..

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    Are We Free? Do We Have Free Will? If God exercises providential control over all events are we in any sense free? The answer depends on what is meant by the word free. In some senses of the word free, everyone agrees that we are free in our will and in our choices. Thus, when we ask whether we have free will, it is important to be clear as to what is meant by the phrase.

    Scripture nowhere says that we are free in the sense of being outside of God’s sovereign control or of being able to make decisions that are not caused by anything. (This is the sense in which many people seem to assume we must be free.) Nor does it say we are free in the sense of being able to do right on our own apart from God’s power. But we are nonetheless free in the greatest sense that any creature of God could be free we make willing choices, choices that have real effects. We are aware of no restraints on our will from God when we make decisions. We must insist that we have the power of willing choice; otherwise we will fall into the error of fatalism or determinism and thus conclude that our choices do not matter, or that we cannot really make willing choices. On the other hand, the kind of freedom that is demanded by those who deny God’s providential control of all things, a freedom to be outside of God’s sustaining and controlling activity, would be impossible if Jesus Christ is indeed continually carrying along things by his word of power (Heb. 1:3). If this is true, then to be outside of that providential control would simply be not to exist! An absolute freedom, totally free of God’s control, is simply not possible in a world providentially sustained and directed by God himself.

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    Just because you know what's going to happen doesn't mean you are going to interfere with it. If you saw someone walk up to your door and ring the doorbell, you could stop them from ringing it if you wanted to, but you might not. However, you cannot know for SURE that the person will ring it until they do... so if you saw a videotape of that exact action, you would know the person was going to ring your doorbell, but you wouldn't be able to do anything because it's just a video. God, however, is on a different "dimension" (if you will) than humans, so He is both able to know for sure what will happen and is able to interact at the same time (which is incomprehensible to humans because we don't have this ability).

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    God gave free will to each human. It is just part of His plan to give every human free will. The doctrine of God? what would that be? hmmmmmm maybe the Bible is that what you are trying to get at?

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    Christians have free will. No one is making me write this or answer this, I am doing it because I want to. Later on I am going to watch Star Trek Enterprise because I want to. I will watch "24" because I want to, I will eat supper because I want to, I will read email because I want to. I do not really want to clean up the supper mess but I will because someone has to do it. I am a Christian, I make my own choices, I do not believe in predestination even if the Bible says it.

    I believe that when I accepted Jesus as my Savior that I was given freedom to make my own destiny.

    The Skeptical Christian JPO

    Grace and Peace


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    Knowing all events doesn't mean determining whether or not they occur.

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