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HELP! My dog isn't eating normally...?

I have a two year old dachshuind/terrier mix. She has been acting quite odd lately. She is eating a lot less dog food and is whining for people food (she never did that a few months ago). She also sleeps on the floor at night and not on the bed like she did a little while ago. Another strange thing is that she doesn't like to go outside. Last summer she loved it but now she won't even stay out there for 5 minutes! There is another dog living with us. He's a rat terrier. He is a year old and we got him about five months ago. They did try to "breed" about a month ago, but dogs are supposed to eat more when they're pregnant! HELP!!!


Quit making fun of me! I'm not an idiot and I don't have the money to take her to the vet or I would have!!!! Jeeze I didn't ask for negative comments! I just want nice, friendly suggestions!! I'm sorry that I'm young and I don't know that much about dogs yet! GRRRRR!!!!!

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    i don't know why every one attacked you for asking this question?(maybe a full moon)sounds very logical to me.i think the main reason is you brought another dog into the house. i think right now she need a little reassurance,that she is top dog.take some extra time with her,just like children take on a walk spend some alone time with her. let her know she is special. good luck and things will get better.

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    No one on YA can tell you what the problem is with your dog so call a vet and get a vet's advice and opinion.

    EDIT: A phone call to a vet does **NOT** cost anything, it is free and if you do not have the money for a vet you should not own a dog and more importantly you should not be breeding a dog!!!! Being young is not an excuse and people telling you to take your dog to the vet is not making fun of you it is a good answer because we do not have crystal balls and we can not tell you what the problem is.

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    Actually there is a reason people are saying take her to the vet ... A good pet owner makes sure that when something goes wrong they can go to the vet. Just learn from this experience ... call the SPCA they maybe able to help you. Good luck :)

    Be responsible ...

    Spay and Nueter

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    God people can really be mean! You really do need the advice of a vet, sounds like a pregnancy though. It would be impossible for anyone on this forum to know what is happening with your dog, so if you don't have the money call the ASPCA and see if they can help you... Good luck with all of this...d

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    I would check to see if she is pregnant-and if not, FIX HER for crying out loud! Her behavior may mean complications with a pregnancy, and her wanting to sleep on the floor indicates that she wants a den of her own(which is a hint towards pregnancy). Her wanting people food is a result of you feeding it to her-she is begging, pure and simple, and you are rewarding it by giving in. And she's not eating as much dog food because she's full of the people food you give her. Honestly...

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    Get her spayed before you have a bunch of Dachshund/terrier/rat terrier mutt puppies running around that don't want to eat or go outside either.

    UR probably feeding a low quality dogfood and she is begging for people food cause she isn't getting the nutrition she needs, pregnant or not.

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    If you can not afford to see a vet, you should not be "breeding" dogs. Contact your local shelter and they may provide a list of "free" clinics.

    good luck

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    you need to take her to the vet. it could be several different problems you might need to have her spayed if there any problems with her having puppy. if she has puppy's then i would have her spayed as soon as you can after the puppy are weaned. as to her eating dry kibble just put it down and then after about 5 min pick it up and try again in the evening after a day or two she will eat.

    Source(s): i work for a vet
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    Yes, see a vet. Your dog may just be reacting to a pregnancy, but better safe than sorry.

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    There was a recall on hundreds of sold dog foods. So see your vet ASAP to find out if your dog got food poisining.

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