How do I tell someone I don't want a romantic relationship right now but want to keep a friendship?

Emotionally, I'm just a mess right now and not available for a relatioship and don't want to hurt the girl with whom I've recently gone out with. I know for a fact she is very interested but I really don't want to loose her. She doesn't deserve to be hurt and I need a friend. Any advice?


Oh dear, ok, here goes: On the phone or in person?

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    tell her what you just said.

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    this is such a hard situation, talking from experience. I had a very good friend of mine that was attracted to me and seriously wanted a relationship, only I too was not ready for anything of the sort at that time.

    In not wanting to hurt that person because of rejection, I went out a few times with him and when ever an awkward moment would come up I would cause a distraction of some sort.. Well.... That did work, but... it made it so much harder when the time inevitably came to tell him that it just wasn't time for me to engage in any relationships, and it has cosed me that friendship.

    My advice to you would be to simply and sympathetically tell this girl that your very flattered but the time just is not rite and it would be unfair to both of you if you were to start any kind of relationship with her other than JUST being friends. Oh yeah and tell her this as soon as you can, you don't want the chance for her to get the wrong impression

    But also remember for down the line that if something should "eventually" happen between the two of you "later" That a real friend can turn out to be the best lover and confidant that one could have. I'm a witness to that as well.

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  • 4 years ago

    Wow! he appears like certainly one of those superb guy and you will desire to be thankful for his friendship. i in my opinion have not got a situation with friendships coming up into romance. that's the terrific thig that's ever got here approximately to you. on the different hand, romantic relationships are lots extra complicated and emotionally related to; in case you harm up as romantic companions, you're able to have lost a stable buddy too - except you compromise by no skill to enable something impression your friendship. you do not would desire to need to sleep with him to teach which you like him. Infact, i think of this is extra healthy the type you sense approximately him. it is not in line with something yet his character and love. that's a doubtlessly stable dating.

  • Well dont play her just be stright and tell her that you dont want anything more then that right now if she really likes you then she will wait untill you are ready and then you guys can have a good relationship together

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  • 1 decade ago

    be honest with her.... real love/friendship..... people who really care about you are more concerned with the fact the YOU are happy. sure she might be hurt, but will probably respect the fact that you're being real with her and will be there to support and comfort you. at least that's what i would do. ;)

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    " I don't want a romantic relationship right now but want to keep a friendship" is all you need to say. If she wants romance, she can move on. Be honest, not selfish

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    well if they love you theyll understand just tell them exactly what your question says theyll most likely understand hope it helps power to you!

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    cut and paste my friend or memorize, cause you just did!

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    you said so nicely to us now say it to her or him!!

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