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It's the first missed day of my period. My pregnancy test is negative. Could I still be pregnant?

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    Of course you still could be! When you're posting your questions please look and see if there are similar questions already answered. Questions like yours are very common.

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    It is possible...I took a test on/about the first day of my missed period and got a negative result, but when my period still hadn't started a few days later I took another test. It was positive...and I'm now 3 months pregnant. It just depends on your hormone levels as to how soon you'll get a positive result - I would wait a few days and take another test if you haven't started your period by then.

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    yes you could possibly be pregnant,they recommend that taking a pregnancy test a week after your missed period is the best time to get the most accurate result Hun,so i suggest that you wait a few more days to see if your period comes and if after a week your period still doesn't come take a test or go to your GP and get a blood test done for a more definite result xx

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    Yes. A PG test can only show postiive if there is a high enough level of a certain hormone. You get a negative, it means that high of a level is not present-- either because you are not PG or because you're not far enough yet for it to register.

    If you get a positive...its almost never false.

    Wait a couple days and test again.

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    Yes sometimes it takes time for the hormone levels to build up and get a positive reading. I didn't have one until I was 12 weeks pregnant. I am now 32 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

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    YES! I'm a mother of two and with my second child my pregnancy test came up negative, I took another one like a week later and it was positive.

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    Yes. I showed negative for a couple of weeks. You should wait a week, test again, and if still negative, wait another week. That is likely what your doctor will have you do.

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    Most definately you could be. I'm 2 days past due and the HPT was neg this morning. Called my dr and he said the the HCG level was probably low and to try again this coming weekend.

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    wait a couple of more days and if you still missed your period take the test..your hcg levels might be to low at the moment to trigger a hpt..good luck

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    You could be but it's possible that your hormone levels are a bit low and so you're getting a false negative.

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    yes there may be a chance but you maystill need to wait a little bit longer or use another test and test yourself in about a week.

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