Does anyone know where I can find a decent boyfriend?

I am 15 and I am looking for a boyfriend does anyone know where I can find one? P.S. If any guys are interested please email me at

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    Let me be honnest here. At 15 you should be more concerned about you. Men or should I say come and go faster than you can post an ad online. Right now it is more important for you to get an education and find the things that interest you. I have a 15 yr old daugther who is lucky to have met and dating a young man that goes to a Military Boarding School. You can't find a boy that is going to treat you good until you find who you are and what you want. Never be lead in a direction you are not comfortable with just because you want or are in need of attention. No one will treat you as good as you can treat yourself. Make something of yourself before you look for someone to spend your time with. Find what you want out of life, get your education, be true to yourself and your family. When you are the person you are proud of then you will attract a good man.

    Never leave yourself without opioions. There are far more people who lack morals and loyalty these days then years ago but that doesn't mean you are not worthly of it.

    Most importantly remember to talk to your parents.

    I have a five free minute confession session with my daughter a few times a year. That is where she has five minutes to tell me everything she did wrong without one argument or punishment. This allows here to feel free to be honnest with me and still get the support she needs. This gives me a chance to hear what and where she is going as well be informed so I can give her the tools she needs to make the best choices. It has worked great and after the first time we did this she doesn't need the five free minutes. She comes to me with every thing. It is a strong commication tool.

    Your parents may be the people who dislike the most at 15, but keep in mind. They have nothing to gain by telling you what is best for you. They don't want to see anything bad to happen to you. Things are harder today for teens in some ways, but I would bet money they had their share of problems too. Let there wisdom be your guide on what not to do, or maybe do.

    There isn't a boy out there at 15 that is more important then your virginity. God gave you that body to be used as a vessel to carry you through life, not an outlet for boys. Respect yourself and others will to.

    Good luck.,

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    well im not a teen nomore or in my 20's but If u want to find a descent Bf then go to church or new faces the Internet is not a good place to meet guys neither is Yahoo answers.. go to like parties or something like that or even like Movies any place in ur area too meet someone that might be descent and Interested in you or the otherway around

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    if i was like some guys i know i would answer like this " i'm the one you're looking for" but seriously you need to find people who are within your area. and many people would not just talk to you unless they know what you look like.

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    Oh I see so I'm not descent. JK. Why don't you send me anything anymore?

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    OK it's free

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    at school

    that is where your main opportuinity will arise

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    don't look on the internet. please.

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