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Should we, the Christian majority, take back control of our public schools that we pay for?


My friend, praise t, yes and I don't believe in faith healing but just yesterday I saw a report that 20% of the time people are not properly precribed meds resulting in many deaths. So it is kind of a crap shoot, isn't it?

Update 2:

My friend Justsyd, First I must say that the founding fathers assumed that everyone had a religion. Second, the federal government does not control the school system. Local school boards do. If the federal government controlled the schools then the Amish could not have their own school systems, could they?

Update 3:

hyperhea, hate to tell you this but the majority does rule this country.

And for those of you that state Christianity is not the majority, well I guess you can say whatever you want you.

Update 4:

I posted this answer to show why we need to take back our school system.

And btw, the school system is NOT the state. All schools are locally owned and operated.

CD's great answer. ( btw, that's Mr. imbecile, to you.

No you imbecile because this country is a SECULAR nation. We don't run our country by majority rule. I also pay taxes and dont want you christian retards wasting precious teaching time on idiotic god fantasy bullchit.

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  • Jan P
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    Yes, we should....stand up for what we believe.

  • Anonymous
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    You have control, as the majority. However, this country was founded on the principle that government power is Constitutionally limited.

    That means that just because the majority is the majority doesn't give them the right to have their representatives enact laws that infringe on the fundamental liberties of the individual.

    This has come to mean that a public school, being an arm of the government, can't infringe on the fundamental liberty of freedom of religion (both establishment and free exercise). If what you mean is that the Christian majority can impose the Christian religion on individuals attending a public school then I would say that the majority should NOT have that power.

    Not only should the majority not have that power because of the basic freedom of religion issue, but also because it is inherently unfair and scary. It's unfair, because you would impose, obviously, one particular version of Christianity (Catholic? Baptist? Methodist? Lutheran? Mormon?) on everybody, requiring my Lutheran kid to be subjected to Hail Mary's and penance, or your Catholic kid would be subjected to some Baptist's idea that only the "elect" make it to heaven and predestination trumps free will. Do you really want that?

    And, it's scary because we'd have a bunch of public school teachers trying to fulfill requirements of religious prayer and instruction. It's been a while since I attended high school, and I know there are a lot of good teachers out there, but frankly a lot of teachers are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, having graduated with C averages from Slippery Rock Teachers College and Keggery...... and you want them responsible for souls as well as minds?

    Think about it chief..... sometimes the adage "be careful what you wish for" is very appropriate.....

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    No you imbecile because this country is a SECULAR nation. We don't run our country by majority rule. I also pay taxes and dont want you christian retards wasting precious teaching time on idiotic god fantasy bullchit.

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    No. You're not the Christian majority. There are others who pay taxes and who have rights too.

    The United States was one of the first countries in Western civilization to not have an official religion. Reflecting back on the history of religious wars in Europe, and the lack of freedom people had in choosing their own religion, the designers of the United States Constitution specifically rejected any religious test for office, and the First amendment specifically denied to the central government any power to establish religion.

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    Not if you want to respect the constitution of the United States. The last time I read the Bill of Rights it spoke pretty strongly against the establishment of a state religion.

    I wish you would think about how you would feel if Muslims were the majority and they took over the school system and their was Muslim prayer. Or, even better, what if it were Pagans and your children were encouraged to take part in Wiccan ceremonies? Its the same thing.

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    I looks like you should have paid more attention while you were in those schools.

    This country is not ruled by the majority. If you had paid more attention in school, you'd realize that this little thing called the Bill Of Rights protects government from the tyranny of religion and religion from the influence of government. It's commonly referred to as the separation of powers.

    Regardless of how the majority feels about it, congress is powerless to impose any laws favoring one religion over the other. It's in the very first amendment to our Constitution.

  • Magus
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    Seperation of Church and State. Taxes are state funds. Public schools are funded by the State and therefore should be seperate from the Church. It is not your right as the majority to bully the minority, into your way of thinking. This country was and should remain secular. Freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. All Americans should have a school voucher system so everyone can make a choice on where to spend their education dollars rather than having that portion of their income confiscated by the government then spent the way they tell us to.

    If an atheist want to send their kid to atheist school. Great. Please. Christians to christian school. Again. Please. Muslims. Sure. Jews. Absolutely.

    Then everyone is happy and nobody is having anything imposed on them.

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    Yes! Indeed we should! The bad news is that in America, Christians aren't the majority anymore. Now the majority is either Islam or Athiest, Jewish, and Scientology (not a real riligion, but yeah).

    This is sad. Our country was built upon men who blieved in God... why can't they teach that to the kiddies in school?

    Source(s): The History Book of Very Depressing Things
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    Nowhere does the Constitution state this is a Christian country, and the founding fathers sure as hell weren't Christian - they were Masonic and Deist.

    You never had control of the public schools. Nor do you deserve it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    By all means, take control of the public schools. Toss out all of that science, history, mathematics stuff and replace it with Bronze Age mythology. That's what made America great.

    And while we're at it, let's give literacy the boot, too. People start reading things and getting ideas. We don't want any ideas. That sort of stuff leads to thinking!

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