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How to gain weight? What is the best vitamins?

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    weight training 3 times a week stimulates appetite, hormones etc. Add a protein supplement. Get 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight each day. Oh, you don't have to do each muscle 3 times a week. That's 3 workouts to get your whole body done. If you work out with intensity, once a week is enough for each muscle. I know I improved about 40% in strength in about 6 months of once a week workouts. That is after a history of working out. If you have no history, your gain will be faster at first.

    Take body measurements to see where new weight is going.

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    A good multi vitamin with plenty of b6 and b12, also protein powder with every meal each day, try www.myhealthabcmall.com and look in the sports section and check out the formula 2 vitamins=you can use all the products to increase weight and muscle mass. Use the email link to ask the guy who runs it and he will help you out.

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    Ok. Don't take vitamins most of the time they don't work. Try eating whole foods like fruti and vegies they will give your body the vitamins they need by gaining the right amount of weight. You won't get FAT you will be just right.

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    I wish that was my problem. If you mean gain muscle. Do low reps, high weight lifting and sprints. Don't do any runs more than a mile. This sends testosterone to your urine and that makes it almost impossible to gain muscle. Protein, vit d, and calcium are essential to putting on muscle.

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    Eat more.... it worked for me.

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