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Will long tops stay in style?

Some fashion magazines are saying long tops are in... Some are saying they will go out soon....I'm trying to update my wardrobe for spirng 2007. Any suggestions?

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    You never know how long a look will stay in style. There will likely be something to replace it next season. But don't let that stop you from wearing it again if you really like it.

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    Keep wearing long tops or dresses cause sometime or another they are going to go out of style but it depends on what company you are following.

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    Long tops as in the long shirts? Omg they better stay instyle. I HATE short shirts because i have long legs and long shirts help ;]

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    idk but i hope so!!! i really like them!! i think that we should like decide as a people, instead of follow the magazines. cuz what if they make something fashionable that really shouldnt be, like, ... uggs or something. JK to all you uggers!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    get what you like...dont be a follower...your the one that is going to wear it

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    i sure hope so, go with what fits you though.

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