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GUYS: What would you do to me?

What's the sweetest thing you can think of that you'd do for a girl?

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    always be there to give advice, and be there to help her in times of need. Keep her out of harm's way

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    I'm married already but I would have to say the sweetest thing a guy could do for a girl they love and cherish would be to make a honest women out of them meaning propose.

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    Let her relax at a spa for the afternoon, then take her out for a night on the town

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    dang, why did u throw the word sweetest in there, u ruined the question.

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    tell you how sweet you are and how you have the face of an angel with the body of a goddess. Then ask you to let me love you forever.

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    Handle my joy stick while flying in a small plane!

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    get her a day at the spa, take her out to dinner and go to a movie or get a movie and stay in.

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    guys any other option better than death?...if u guys gonna die for us.....what are we suppose to do in this world alone...without the 1 we loved more than any1 and anything in this whole world...

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    To or for? Difference is pretty huge.

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    I'd start at your ankles and nibble my way to paradise. lol

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