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what is the best way to delete me virus for free?

i have a couple virus and i dont where to find them

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    use online scanners

    Also install Avast 4 Home, its free and competes well against paid programs. Does better than AVG(not opinion FACT) reviews by PCworld and consumer reports.

    You also need ad aware, spybot s&d and cyberhawk.

    they all can be found at the website I gave you.

    I suggest installing Avast antivirus first then doing a boot scan.

    If that doesn't find them then go do an online scan.

    sometimes viruses can detect when antivirus gets installed and can hide from them.

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    First off, you want to steer clear of products such as AVG and Avast. Just because they are free does not mean they are good. In countless competent independent comparative tests, both AVG and Avast have scored very poorly in the virus and malware detection/disinfection areas. Notepad is free too but you wouldn't want to rely on it for protection.

    There are a number of high quality AV products out there, most of them are commercial products. Of the free products, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, distributed under the name Active Virus Shield is your best option. Kaspersky has consistantly scored extremely high in the detection of both viruses and non-replicating malware for several years. It updates frequently and uses little resources to run it.

    You can download it at

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    Virus - is a program written to alter the way a computer operates, without the permission or knowledge of the user, it hides in other program files. It replicates itself and executes.To know more about how viruses attaches itself to computers and to learn how to combat them. Check out

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    You can use the Avg virus scanner, and when they tell you where the virus is, Go to the location and Manually delete them. It would help if you had washing program like Window washer, You can send it to the recicling bin then have the software fully delete it.

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    Here is a simple tutorial on how to cleanup your computer. They are real basic steps, but it is a good first step to take and will often clean out 95% of the junk (such as spyware, viruses, etc) off your computer, and will remove most popups (if you have them). All the tools used are free of use. Here is the link:

    Here are some simple tips & techniques to keep your computer running a great shape:

    Here is a list of Free Anti-Virus Tools:

    Here is a list of Free Anti-Spyware Tools:

    Here is a list of Free Firewalls:

    Here is a list of Free Online Scanners:

    What is a Virus? Find out here:

    What is Spyware/Malware/Adware? Find out here:

    Here is a list of Miscellaneous Tools:

    If you can't resolve the problem, I'd recommend you visit one of the free online support forums here:

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    AVG virus is by far the best free scanner out there. Don't bother with the crappy online versions - they can't get inside your system - and frankly you don't want them to.

    Also, if that doesn't work; you might have to reinstall your OS. I had to do that one time. It's not fun, but it definiately speed things up.

    You might also want to look at spyware. Adaware is a good program:

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    You can get AGV Anti-Virus. Go to, and you'll find it there to download for FREE.

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    This is the best one I have found.

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    oh bugger ... better get some avast or sumpin ..

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