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I'm a 24 year old female involved with a 40 year old male for two years now. He has 4 children 22,18,17,10. The older children hate me and think I'm too young for dad and don't come around me. My boyfriend has to meet them outside our home on tues & thurs. The 10 year old comes over tues & thurs & every other weekend. I'm not allowed to ask the 10 year old to pick up after himself or to do his homework or even to turn the TV off when not in use. My boyfriend yells at me that his son doesn't want to hear it from me. I feel that the kid doesn't have any respect for me and picks fights do to this problem. I tried to get involved with his sports or school activities but always get shot down. My boyfriend thinks it will get better with time. I'm not too sure if things are programmed as they are now. I can't be myself when the 10 year old is around because I get kicked aside and it is all about the him. The child knows it. Do you think I am wasting my time? I need to move on? help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hon, you already know the answer.

    You are having sex with a man that is twice your age.

    His children hate you and will always hate you.

    The children will forever be in his life thus in yours.

    You can never be their mother and he won`t let you.

    He doesn`t want another child and thus you`ll never have one.

    Think how wonderful Christmas will be year after year.

    Birthdays are you invited?

    Will the children grow up respecting you or will they be rebelious monsters?

    It goes on and on, but he will have the best F around. Of course that will get old too. Depending on how self centered he is will be how long he keeps you.

    This is your future. Is this how you want to live the rest of your life?

    How do I know if he really loves me?

    He will honor and respect you.

    He will, without sex, stay with you.

    He will never compromise you, in other words, he will never demand of you something that you don`t want to do.

    He will never deny you.

    He will be proud to have you on his arm for all to see.

    He will defend you and protect you.

    He will never intentionally hurt you or attack you.

    He will honor your family.

    He will want you to be his family.

    He will beg of you without sex to be your husband and bear his children.

    Don`t you think you deserve that? You are a beautiful woman and the gift of life resides inside you. You do deserve the best.

    Sorry, but right now Dear, your just his sex toy.

    Glad you asked

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