Ok.. so i like this guy and he has a gf but he likes me..?

ok so i have known this guy Jake for a little over a month and we totaly clicked right off the start. then he got a gf and he really liked her at first but then we started to hang out more and then his friend Sam who is also my friend told me that Jake likes me and i was sorta shocked b/c he had a gf. so then Jake asked me to hang out with him and Sam so i did and we had tons of fun and then that night Sam called me and told me that Jake broke up with his gf b/c he likes me more. but his gf really liked him.. and i dont really know her but she is like bffl with my worst enemy so that might be trouble but we go to different schools and i dont really mind that. so what should i do b/c i kinda feel bad about his ex and everything and Sam told me that Jake is going to ask me out in a couple of days so what should i do??

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    1 decade ago
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    well he dumped her for you. so i would go out with jake.yah it might be trouble but hey you got jake and she doesnt. and plus you go to different schools so it doesnt matter.

  • 1 decade ago

    date him fool and take karate lessons incase that BFF comes around for you

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