Maybe Mohammad meant the Sunnis vs the Shiite for the Jihad?

After all he wouldnt of known of our (the free nations) existence at that time.

And also Australia and New Zealand and the south Pacific Islands are not in the islamic map Mo mapped out for their take over....................

So can we give the mufti back now?

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    1 decade ago
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    there were no Sunni nor Shii at the time of Muhammad (pbuh) only Muslims

    I think that you need to research the religion a little bit more

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Salaam Alaykum. The Qur'an isn't a Geography Book. The Muslims had to discover the world on their own, and they didn't finish.

    Also, Muftis? Common now. How about Ayatollahs? Ayatollahs have knowledge about Islam.

    Also, at the time of the Prophet Muhammad's (as) death, Abu Bakr seized the Caliphate, and afterwards, Umar did the same. Umar invented a lot of things in Islam and attributed it to Prophet Muhammad (as) and Umar even beheaded people who didn't do the innovations that he commanded them to (see Sunni Hadiths for more details)! This is how the Sunnis broke off from the Muslims. The Muslims eventually called themselves "Shia-t-Ali", or "The Party of Ali" simply because if they called themselves "Muslims" (which they were), they would be mistaken from the Sunnis.

    This is way too complicated. Why don't you discuss this on ?

  • mmmmmmmmm good point there mateyyyyy.

    to the answer before me - i think you should go back and study your religion a bit more.'

    Cause - shiites pretend to be sunnis all the time.

    Sunnis are the arab princes, and are the upper class arab/asian muslim. They are rich, mix well with the west and seem civilised. Many are doctors and proffessionals in our western nations.

    The Shiites here in Australia are the Egyptian/Southern Lebanese lower class shiites and a small and not real bright percentage of them they are the trouble makers, drug dealers and gang rapists here. . The Asian Shiites in Australia work hard and integrate well as do the rest of the Asians here.

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    The Sunni's and Shiite are muslim brothers. All believe in ONE god, and that Muhammad is his messenger. Period. Look at Lebanon, where the Israeli army was terrorizing all Lebanese, the Sunni and the Shiite proved that they are true muslim brothers regardless of their differences.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First learn about Islam and what Jihad is, then you might be able to ask a decent question about it.

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