Hey all, I've been accepted into 4 UC's- Irvine, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Davis...?

I'm having a hard time deciding where I want to go. I'm really rooting for Davis because it is the only UC that offers Nutriton Science and Exercise Biology majors. I know after college I want to pursue a career in sport medicine or sports nutrition. I understand UCSD is a fantastic and very presitigious university, and I've been told its a huge honor to be accepted. However a vast majority of their majors focus on physics, engineering, math, and computer science. Not exactly my cup of tea. So if i turned down that offer and attended davis, which isnt exactly at the top, would it be a silly decison?? I'm a San Diego native so it'd be ahuge transition for me. How does Davis rank academically?? What about the campus life? I'd appreciate the oppinions!! :)

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    Err, SD is ranked higher than Davis, but it's not that huge a jump really. If you like Davis a lot better and has the majors you want that SD doesn't, go there. SD is ranked higher, but it's more of an incremental increase. Berkeley and UCLA trump SD by the same amount that SD trumps Davis so it's not like SD is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Davis will be a HUGE transition for you. In my opinion, nowhere in the entire US (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico) have as nice weather as San Diego. Davis is this little cow town that gets 110+ in the summer and below 30 in the winter. You can have fun at both places though. Since you're from SD, you'll do a lot better than others cuz you have friends and stuff outside of school. Frankly, I found UC San Diego far more boring than Davis, despite UCSD being in a much better city.

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    If you are sure you want to go into nutritional science and sports medicine, by all means look into UC Davis. Frankly I'm not really sure UCSD is THAT much better than UC Davis - UCSD is no Berkeley.

    On the other hand, there may be other avenues towards sports medicine/sports nutrition. I always question why a "less prestigious" school would have a major dedicated to a particular field, whereas a better known school does not. Maybe UCSD would have you take general premed classes, which is the more standard route to your profession? Then UCSD may be the better choice.

    I don't know, but it's worth looking into before you make your final choice.

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    I think you should attend Davis. I know UCSD is in top 20 and yes it's an honor, but don't fall of by that. I was accepted in UCSD, UCBerkley, but I went to UCLA because UCLA is having better Neurology program than other schools there.

    The ranking of davis is not bad either, although it's low compared to UCSD, but for your major it is one of the best over other colleges. The campus is great too, one of the biggest campus in UC's and convienent too, it has airport within the school. You should really go for campus tour and decide by yourself. Good Luck.

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    Do you have the resources to go explore the campuses? That may be one way to decide. You could talk to the professors and the students and see what kind of vibe you get. If you are set n Nutritional Studies, then go on to Davis.

    If, somewhere down the line, you decide to change majors or feel it isn't , you could possibly transfer to another university.

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