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Is this odd?

OK so... my parents get a nanny every summer cause they both work during the summer. My oldest brother is 19 and the youngest of us is 3. Their is 7 kids... and we are adopting twins that are 2. We have 2 siblings that can drive but, we are all going different places during the summer at camps etc. So, that is why my parents get a nanny and when we are at home.. we don't do much because we usually just hang out in the backyard by the pool. But, in July we go to South Carolina to our beach house and we bring our nanny just cause its easier. The nanny is a girl and she like 24 i think.

Is it weird that we have a nanny? (cause kids in my class think it is)

and is it weird we take her on vacation with us?



this is the 7th summer she will be with us. she is fun to have around but... so many people think its weird that she stays with us. but, we give her a yukon xl denali to drive in the summer (since there are so many of us) and she doesn't spend the night at our house... only when my parents are out of town or are going to be out really late.

kids in my class think that like my parents don't trust any of my siblings or anything so thats why we have a nanny. she is here to take us where we need to be and to hang out with us so we don't get bored.

Update 2:

yea.... she is here for everything.... she takes us shopping, runs errands, go to the grocery store, cleans when we need it to be and if my parents are having a party then she takes us out or keeps us outside or inside.. which ever is opposite of wherever the party is.

i just don't understand why kids think it is weird.

Update 3:

i don't mind the nanny being there... she really nice and sweet. i think of her as a big sister (even tho i already have one)

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    Any parent with 7 kids, even with the oldest 19 years, would be glad of help - for all sorts of things, not just driving.

    What about the cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, making beds, answering the phone, watching the babies, sorting out disputes, keeping an eye on things, answering the door to callers, taking messages, etc?

    Nannies and other kinds of helpers have been around in families large and small for hundreds if not thousands of years....and it's often the mothers who want them there, for extra female adult company, extra pairs of hands.

    Ah, the innocence of youth!!!!!!

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    I think it's cool that you have a nanny. Your parents were nice enough to choose someone close to your age. What if they picked some old fart to be your nanny. They're just making sure that you and your siblings are being supervised. They must love you very much.

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    Its now weird, i think that its an excellent idea of your parents, kids need a lot of directions, and if they know they found someone reliable to be there for their kids ana they can be stress free, they you guys are not gonna be smoking weed, and drinking when they are back home, then why not have someone like that there.. trust me it will make sense when you are older, and i'm pretty sure u would probably want to do the same for your kids......

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    Seems like a very reasonable situation for having a nanny! Talk to her, get to know your nanny, she could end up becoming a best friend:)!

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    Well, with so many kids it is much safer to get a nanny

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    No, of course not. Other parents do that. It's hard for them to keep track of all of you :p They need a hand...almost like a third parent.

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    honestly ..itx not werid dear ... dont worry abt ur classmatex. . they jst keep tellin it ..for few dayx not more than dat :)

    itx true .. ur parentx care for u ppl so much . .dat they dont want u ppl 2 b left all alone .. n bored. .. so ..derx 1 more angel sent by god 2 protect u ppl in ur parentx way .. u need 2 b thankful 2 her..

    n yea. . she seemx very nice .. .i kinda lyk those sort of ppl. :) do take care of urself sweety .. . amen .. :)

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    no its not werid your parents just care for u and don't want u to be left out or alone

    screw yor classmates

  • No, its not weird. Don't worry about what other people think.

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    No, it makes sense to me.

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