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Is this bad?

I have a wonderful boyfriend who treats me so good, and i love him with everything i've got. He's the one i want to spend the rest of my life with and i am 100% sure and so is he. But the bad thing is that i am starting to have a "mini crush" on an old friend of mine. I can't really aviod him because i see him everyday in class. I have a crush on the old him, which i keep remembering him as that. I would never break up with my bf, for him but my bf told me that he understood and that its just a stage that it was ok that i went on a date with him just to see what he was really like and just to hang out. Is it wrong to be totally in love with your future husband and have a "mini crush" on another guy? and "Is it wrong to go on a date with the guy, as friends if you have permission and you won't do anything wrong or cheat?" Besides I am almost 17, so i am still young figuring life out...need answers

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    no it's not just try it out and if it doesn't work you can love your future husband

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    I hate to say this but ....

    your too young to consider a future husband...

    you have many possibility's before you count a guy as 100%

    This can be seen as a massive fling ...but I do know this..

    be sure of your feelings before taking further action..

    You are committing the very thing most guy complain about girls...they seem to NOT know what they want having a crush and a mini crush proves it...

    Would they mind that you have a mini crush?

    Or better yet what if it was you and a another girl a guy was deciding?

    Sometimes people fall in love without considering others people hearts...and that's where love loses it's respect..

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    My dear, you are so very young and, yes, figuring life out. My mother explained figuring out life to me like this: "Don't do anything you don't want on the front page of a newspaper". That can be anything from cheating to stealing or hurting another person's feelings. Having feelings and acting on those feelings are two very different things. You can't help having feelings, but you have complete control of what you DO with those feelings. Life is all about choices. Make well thought out choices and enjoy the process.

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    i cant believe your boyfriend actually let you go on a date with a mini you have a hell of a man. dont play around with him like that. he seems like an incredibly down to earth guy and he doesnt deserve any b* cant go around liking other guys. lets put it this way...if he liked an old friend of his and told you he did and asked you to go on a date with her would you be overwhelmed with joy?..yea i didnt think so. stop messing with the guy ..either completely cut off contact with your "mini crush " or w./e u want to call him or let go of your boyfriend now so he can find someone who will only be interested in him and no one else becuase thats what he deserves

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    if ur bf understands, and as long as you keep this mini crush as a mini crush everything should be fine, but dont let it get out of control, u dont wanna cheat on ur man do u?

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    i think u shouldn't even worry about any of it! 17 is a lil bit young to be planning out ur future! u probably won't end up marrying this guy anyways! most highschool realtionships don't end in marriage!

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    not really

    a crush dont mean much

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    you are fickle. It's part of growing up.

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